Performance Points and Bot Matches for Pokemon Unite

They should change the requirements for earning Performance Points. Performance Points should be given for activities such as damage done to objectives, earning more for Drednaw than for Rotom. Since Zapdos should not always be taken, it should earn you more Performance Points for taking it while your team is losing and less if you take it while your team is winning. Basically, they should use the Performance Points as an incentive to play more correctly. Earn more Performance Points for not stealing your team's Jungle in the early game and lose points if you do steal it early. You could also earn more points from assisting in team fights rather than scoring. Scoring while with teammates should earn more than scoring while alone.


As for Bot matches. Think about it. You have to lose about 4 matches in a row in order to end up in a bot match. There is no way that one win is going to actually make up for the losses that caused it. Bot matches are really only bad if the player is already too high a rank than they are supposed to be, because they will fall more slowly. However, bot matches do not raise you up in rank because you need to lose more in order to get into a bot match in the first place. If people were actually matched with similarly skill players, then bot matches would only happen when players are having an unusually bad time. It can be a way to allow them to step away from the game after a win instead of trying for "one more time" over and over again when they should really be taking a break.


Lastly, many are talking about how easy it is for people to rank up. However, I am finding it very difficult to rank up in Masters. It seems that more often, my team is not following standard procedures while the enemy team is. I don't understand why this seems to be the case. Why am I usually on the team that doesn't get to objectives while the enemy team usually does? Do I just have bad luck? If I compare the number of teammates vs the number of enemies at every Drednaw it would certainly not be anywhere close to 50%/50%; it's more like 25%/75%.


I, apparently, must adapt my strategy to accommodate when the team does not go to objectives together. There’s no point in going if it will be 2 vs 5 at an objective, so it would be better to farm instead. This actually helps to become strong enough to potentially take Zapdos during the endgame. Basically, the lesson here is that if things don’t go according to plan, then the plan must change into something else that can still work for the new situation.

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