Nintendo eXtreme System (NXS)

The Nintendo NX is a dedicated video game system that spans 3 different consoles. There is a portable console (NXP), a home console (NXH), and an expansion console (NXE). The NXP has power comparable to the Xbox One, the NXH has power comparable to the Xbox Scorpio, and the NXE functionally upgrades the NXP into the NXH.
The NXP and NXH share the same operating system and user interface. When the NXP is docked into the NXE, it becomes functionally equivalent to the NXH. The NXH can play all of the games that are made for the NXP, but some games may have enhanced performance and/or visuals when played on the NXH. Other games may be made to take full advantage of the higher specs that the NXH provides, so they can only be played on the NXH. However, the NXP, while it is docked into the NXE, can play anything that the NXH can play.
If the user owns both the NXP and the NXH, they will automatically sync when they are on the same wired or wireless network. All of the account information, games save files, and any other customizable data will be synced so that the user will have the exact same experience when switching from playing on the NXP to playing on the NXH. If the user owns the NXP and the NXE, then the user will have the exact same experience playing on the TV from the NXP docked into the NXE as they would if they were playing directly from the NXP or from the synced NXH.
If the NXP and the NXH each do not have an SD card or if they each have an SD card that is the same size or if the NXH SD card is larger or if the NXH has an external hard drive connected, then all of the data, including the digital game files, will be synced. If there is less storage available on the NXH than on the NXP, then the sync will prioritize the account data, game save files, and the most recently played digital games first before running out of space for the game data that has not been played as recently. The user can also customize how they want their data to be synced. The same rules also apply for syncing data between the NXP and another NXP that is docked into the NXE.
If the user owns the NXH and the NXE, then the NXH can stream gameplay to the NXE so the user can play any NXH game on the TV that the NXE is connected to (the NXE basically turns a second TV into a big GamePad monitor). The NXH can also stream to the NX GamePad controller or even to the NXP. Since the NXP docked into the NXE has all of the same functionality of the NXH, it too can stream to another NXE, the NX GamePad controller, or another NXP.
If the user has a second NXH that is on the same wired or wireless network as the first NXH, then If the user plays from the synced NXH, but the game has only been downloaded onto the first NXH, due to storage constraints, then that game can be streamed from the first NXH while the game is being downloaded locally onto the second NXH. Once the download and installation are complete, then the user will automatically be switched from streaming to playing the game locally. Since the NXP docked into the NXE has all of the same functionality of the NXH, it too can play a streamed game while downloading the game data locally, and then automatically switch to local play once the download and installation is complete.
If the user has the NXP and two NXE's, then they can undock the NXP from one NXE and dock it into the other NXE that is connected to a different TV. This way, they can always play locally without having to stream to another TV. If a game has been downloaded onto one NXE, but the user wants to play it on the other NXE, then, as long as they are connected to the same wired or wireless network, they can leave the NXP docked into the first NXE and stream to the second until the game downloads onto the second NXE. Once the download is complete, then the user can undock the NXP from the first NXE and dock it into the second to play locally.
If the user takes the NXP to a friend's house. They can dock it to their friend's NXE. The account information, games save files, and any other customizable data from the NXP will be used. If the NXP user owns a game that has already been downloaded to the NXE, then they can play it right away, using their own save data. If the game has not been downloaded to the NXE, then the user can download the game as a guest. The game data will be stored on the NXE, but it will be available to be overridden if the original user needs the space. Permissions on whether or not other users may download game data can be customized.
Disclaimer: This is a prediction based on speculation. I have no insider information, and this is not a leak.

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