Who would win, Batman vs Superman?

Remember back when that used to be a legitimately intriguing question? The problem now is that we already know the answer. First of all, Batman usually defeats Superman in more of their encounters. However, in Injustice, there is another reason why Batman would win again. It is because there is no point in choosing a side when one side is clearly the "goodguys" and the other side is clearly the "badguys." Choosing a side only works when either side can win while still resulting in a "happy" ending for the story. Who do you think would win if it were Batman who killed Lex Luthor for destroying Gotham? Somehow, a good Batman can defeat a bad Superman. Does anyone think a good Superman can defeat a bad Batman?

Nintendo Switch OLED Could Enhance Game Performance with Increased Cooling & Clock Speeds

    If the Nintendo Switch OLED is made with a magnesium alloy instead of plastic, then it might be able to run the Tegra Mariko CPU & GPU at full clock speeds. There is already more venting in the new dock. Nintendo is not yet releasing a next generation, Switch 2. However, the Switch OLED could have provided extra performance over the standard Switch, without compromising any compatibility with existing games, by simply running cooler hardware.

    Overclocking existing Switches shows that existing games are able to run in higher resolutions, with higher framerates, and or with more graphical features enabled. Therefore, building the Switch OLED with magnesium alloy and focusing the design on improving the cooling of the hardware would allow the console to run existing games with better performance. However, it would also allow new games to take advantage of the faster clock speeds while still allowing those new games to run on the original Switch with lower performance. This is an upgrade that would not alienate the current userbase.

    An example of how this worked for Nintendo in the past is with the New 3DS. There were many games that were enhanced if played on a New 3DS vs the original 3DS. However, they were still playable on the original 3DS. The same can be done for the Switch OLED and the original  Switch. There do not have to be exclusive games for the Switch OLED, only enhanced ones. Both new and existing games can become enhanced for the Switch OLED.

If only Nintendo had built the Switch OLED with a focus on heat management and improving the cooling of the hardware, then we could still have games with enhanced performance, despite not having a Switch 2 yet.

Arena of Valor Stream


Here is a nice match that seems to have recorded well. I always try to learn from the mistakes of previous matches in order to do better for next time.

AI Generated Nintendo Switch 2 Consloes

While in Closed Mode, the Nintendo Switch 2 looks exactly like the Nintendo Switch OLED. However, after removing the Joycon controllers, the...