Tracer V Gaming I17G 350 Review


Tracer V Gaming I17G 350 Review


I had an HP laptop about 15 years ago. At that time, it cost about $3,000. I used it for work as I traveled to different clients’ locations, and I used it to play games such as EverQuest 2 and Unreal Tournament. I could do pretty much anything that I needed or wanted to do with that laptop.

                After several years, eventually replaced my HP laptop with a Surface Pro X. I figured that since the newer hardware was way more powerful than my old, aged hardware, that it no longer needed to be state of the art, top of the line, in order to do all that I needed and wanted it to do. I was mistaken.

                Besides working and gaming, I now, also, need to be able to stream from my laptop. My Surface Pro X and my office desktop can stream up to 720p. I have one desktop that can stream at 1080p. I really needed my laptop to be able to match that. I also needed a full 17-inch monitor like I used to have with my old HP laptop, instead of the 13-inch monitor on the Surface Pro X.

                I figured I would look for a new state of the art, top of the line laptop that could fulfill all of my requirements, however I quickly realized that I was no long in a position to pay another $3,000 for a laptop, again. So, no OLED, USB Charging, or full UHD screen for me. Those features were too expensive. However, I was able to find a 17 inch, 1440p screen laptop that could even stream at 1440p, thus even outperforming my best desktop PC. All this for well under $2,000.

                This Tracer V Gaming I17G 350 laptop has been able to do everything that I need and want it to do. It reminds me of back when I had my old HP laptop. It performs so well that I can us it as a complete replacement for my desktop. However, it might no be able to completely replace my Surface Pro X. The ability to charge via USB, the portability to be able to travel and use it on the go. These are things that I miss. Oh yes, and that screen on the Surface is so much more vibrant, even though it’s so much smaller.

                Someday, when I need to replace this laptop, hopefully, I will be able to find one with a 17-inch, OLED, full UHD touchscreen, with a 2 in 1 laptop tablet formfactor that can charge via USB, yet still has all of the power that I need for working and gaming. All this for under $2,000? I doubt that day will ever come. Perhaps I might be able to afford paying $3,000 by that time, if that time ever comes into existence.

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