New Nintendo Switch Dock

Since the device that everyone was referring to as the Switch Mini is the Nintendo Switch Lite, then what everyone is referring to as the Switch Pro is the New Nintendo Switch with an additional clamshell mode of play. However, the New Nintendo Switch is much more of a diversion from a typical upgrade because it will include the New Nintendo Switch Dock.

Just like how the New Switch will retain all of the functionality of the original Switch while adding new or improved features, so too will the New Switch Dock retain all of the functionality of the original Switch Dock while adding new or improved features. The New Switch Dock will include additional cooling and a built in graphics processor. While the New Switch is docked, the graphics processor that is built into the New Switch Dock will be able to enhance the capabilities of the New Switch. Yes, The New Switch’s USB-C port will be Thunderbolt compatible, and it will connect to the New Switch Dock using a Thunderbolt connection.

Utilizing a Thunderbolt connection to enable an additional graphics processor combined with an efficient cooling system while drawing power from a wall outlet will allow the New Nintendo Switch to run at its maximum performance potential while it is connected into the New Nintendo Switch Dock.

New Nintendo Switch

Do you remember the first official reveal trailer for the Nintendo Switch? It started with a guy playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a TV from the couch using a Joy-Con Grip Controller. Let’s start from there but rework it a little bit in order to come up with an idea of how Nintendo might reveal the New Nintendo Switch.

It starts with a Dad playing Pokémon Sword & Shield on a TV from the couch using a Joy-Con Grip controller. Then, his family wants to join in. His wife plays on her Switch in handheld mode while their two kids, one boy and one girl, each play on their own Switches. However, we see that the kids’ Switches have a new clamshell design, similar to a 3DS, with no Joy-Con connected. They all play a Pokémon Max Raid battle together. After they win their Max Raid battle, then it’s time for the family to all leave the house.

The kids close their clam shell Switches, stick them in their pockets, and head to the door. As the Dad gets up from the couch, he disconnects his Joy-Con, puts them in his pocket, walks over to the dock, and then he pulls his Switch out of the dock. We now see that the Dad had the New Switch docked in its closed clamshell mode. The Dad picks up the New Switch out of the dock and puts it directly from the dock into his pocket. Then, the Mom motions for the Dad to hand her the Joy-Con Grip.

The Mom puts the Joy-Con Grip into her purse, disconnects her Joy-Con from her Switch, and then puts her Joy-Con into her purse. Then, she opens the clamshell of her Switch rotates the top half 180 degrees so that the screen is now facing towards her instead of away from her. Finally, she closes the clamshell and puts her Switch into her purse. Yes, both the Mom and the Dad also had the New Nintendo Switch this entire time!

In the car, the Dad drives while the Mom gets her Switch from out of her purse. She opens the clamshell of her Switch, rotates the top half 180 degrees so that the screen is now facing away from her instead of towards her, and then she closes the clamshell so it now looks like an original Switch. Finally, she attaches her Joy-Con and starts playing The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.

In the backseats, the kids are playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order together via wireless local co-op on their open clamshell Switches with no Joy-Con attached.

Changing the scene from the car to their future destination, we see another Dad, laid back, playing ASTRAL CHAIN in handheld mode on his Switch. His wife enters the room and informs him that his brother’s family has arrived. He then stands up, walks over to the TV, and places his Switch in the dock. He then picks up a Switch Pro controller and launches Luigi's Mansion 3 on the TV. His wife picks up her Switch, in handheld mode, while their two kids come in with their open clamshell Switches.

Next, the previous family enters as well. The Mom and Dad set up their Switches in tabletop mode, using the bottom half of the Switch as a foundation and rotating the top half to their preferred screen angle. There is no more need for the kickstand. The Dad is playing with a Joy-Con freely in each hand while the Mom is using a Joy-Con Grip. Their kids are still using the open clamshell Switches. While everyone plays the 8 player ScareScraper mode of Luigi's Mansion 3, we transition to the overview of the New Nintendo Switch.

Meet the New Nintendo Switch, a new way to play your way. You can still play at home on your TV, but now you can choose to turn the screen inward for added protection. You can still play anywhere in Handheld mode, but now you can choose to open the clamshell to use built-in controls while on the go without requiring the Joy-Con controllers. You can still play together in Tabletop mode, but now you can choose any viewing angle, up to 165 degrees, by folding from the flat base of the New Nintendo Switch instead of using a kickstand.

Nintendo’s message for the New Nintendo Switch is that it adds additional features while maintaining all of the functionality of the original Switch. You can use the New Nintendo Switch in exactly the same way that you currently use the original Switch, if you so desire. Anything that you can do with the original Switch, you can also do with the New Switch, except that the New Switch may do some of those things better, and it can also do more things.

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